Allan Wright, 'St Mary’s Loch in Deep Midwinter', photograph
Allan Wright, 'St Mary’s Loch in Deep Midwinter', photograph

Zenwalls Gallery Peebles’ Enlightening Mix

Spring Exhibition

26 Apr 2021 –
Zenwalls Gallery
68 High Street
Scottish Borders
EH45 8SW

Photographer Allan Wright, who won the Abstract category in the 2020 Scottish Nature Photography Awards for his image Piscean Reeds, is among the artists represented at Zenwalls Gallery in Peebles. As well as Allan’s photography, the Gallery has contemporary art, including landscapes, still lifes, abstracts and floral and wildlife studies by a wide range of artists including Angela Lawrence, Ann Armstrong, Davy Brown, Jemma Derbyshire, Philip Gunn and Lynn Rodgie.

The Gallery hosts regularly-changing, engaging and thought-provoking exhibitions by established artists and exciting new talent. As well as its seasonal mixed shows, it will host abstract art and photographic exhibitions throughout the year, seeking to serve as a ‘gallery-laboratory’, with an emphasis on experimentation and interpretation, focusing on exploring art in its historical, cultural and social contexts.

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