Wolfgang Tillmans: 2017 | Tate Modern

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Wolfgang Tillmans: 2017
Tate Modern, Bankside, London
Running until June 11

Wolfgang Tillmans is one of the most interesting artists working today. The first non-British artist to receive the Turner Prize in 2000, his work has unavoidably become viewed in a political light. His current exhibition at Tate Modern however is defiantly global in its scope. By tackling social issues from misinformation by the media to the international queer community, Tillmans’  work is both daring and ambitious in its span.

“Wolfgan Tillmans: 2017” is the first exhibition by the artist at Tate Modern and brings together work from every media imaginable. Photography, the artist’s primary medium, is exhibited alongside video, projection, music and print publications. The Berlin based artist documents an ever changing world and the place of art within it. Also exhibited is Tillmans’ more general work dating back over twenty years. The result is a dreamland of an exhibition, with each room presenting more and more challenging works and leaving the viewer excited for what could be through the next door.

A personal favourite highlight of the exhibition was Tillmans’ workshop room. In this space, photographs and projects revolving around and taking place in the artist’s studio. From photographs taken of another project in development and a depiction of what happens when Tillmans takes every single screw out of his defunct studio printer.

In a similar vein, a series of works created by the misuse of his printer or by developing expired or damaged photographic paper creates interesting and mesmerising viewing. A second piece which stays with you long after you have left the exhibition is Tillmans’ truth study center, an ongoing project to examine and map the spread of misinformation in the media and in the political sphere. A collection of newspaper cuttings, psychological research and advertising campaigns all spread across several large tables in their own room.

A second installation by Tillmans is the conversion of the Tate Modern’s South Tank into an incredible light and music installation. Sitting in the vast room and letting the experience wash over you is truly incredible and is an absolute must visit alongside the exhibition.

Attempting to summarise Tillmans’ work is a futile task, as is trying to describe it. His work is completely unique, entirely original and must be seen for oneself in order to truly understand it. The exhibition runs until June 11 and is truly one of the most interesting and gripping exhibition we have seen in recent years.

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