Brittney Wenham - Poly Chroma
Brittney Wenham - Poly Chroma

WASPS Studios, Glasgow: Brittney Wenham – Poly Chroma

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Until 24th March

WASPS Studios is hosting an exhibition of the work of Brittney Wenham – an American abstract painter living and working in Glasgow. Poly Chroma showcases her abstract, organic shapes and colours, layers of which she uses to conjure of-the-body experiences and convey an introspection of self and sexuality. Her acute sensitivity to colour is, in part, due to synaesthesia – in her case a deep-rooted pain that stems from her struggles with disease, provoking the recognition of sensations as colours. She uses this as a means of transcending her inner struggles by saturating the surface with the pursuit of the sensual.

60 – 64 South Osborne Street
Glasgow G1 5QH

Image: Brittney Wenham – Poly Chroma series


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