Wasps Studios: Bibo Keeley, THE WIND IN MY SOUL

Wasps Studios: Bibo Keeley, THE WIND IN MY SOUL

Wasps Studios are delighted to present THE WIND IN MY SOUL, a solo exhibition from Aberdeen based artist Bibo Keeley following her residency at the Wasps’ Admirals House on the Isle of Skye.

The exhibition includes sculpture, video, photography, and performative elements including singing, all inspired by her trip to Skye.  These media often overlap –sculpture, within performance and then documented by video.

In discussing her creative practice, Bibo states:

“My work reflects on personal experience and my deep personal feeling of a connection with nature.

I use the word nature in the broadest sense. This includes the environment, specific natural locations, animals and the human body.  In German this is called “Naturverbundenheit”.

My work focuses on a wide range of issues; from environmental concerns such as global pollution to the topic of gender and gender inequality – as different as they might seem, they all stem from my feeling of Naturverbundenheit.

Quite often my work suggests a narrative.  I draw on the human affinity to rituals, often using symbolism from the mythical of different cultures. I am also inspired by organic forms in the natural world.

When creating sculpture, I am very interested in learning the relevant making process. I have a great affinity for clay because of its immediacy and ‘healing’ qualities; I have also worked in bronze and other materials.”


The Briggait, 141 Bridgegate, Glasgow, G1 5HZ


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