Union Gallery, Edinburgh: Threefold II
Union Gallery, Edinburgh: Threefold II

Union Gallery, Edinburgh: Threefold II

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Union Gallery is delighted to present  Threefold II – the second time award winning artists Olivia Irvine, Sophie McKay Knight and Alexandra Warren have combined their diverse talents in an exhibition that is both magical and beautiful.

Sophie McKay Knight

Sophie’s work reflects her ongoing interest in the figure through a mixed media approach. Her paintings comprise many elements – from stories, myths and historical characters to the human condition – she particularly loves the simple observation of people, either alone or in company. She is also re-creating the 78 cards of the tarot, based on her own understanding of them and their symbolism, historical significance and rich spiritual wisdom. She read the tarot cards for many years and is delighted to now be exploring them through her work. The finished pieces will be made into a new deck, called The Painted Tarot.

Olivia Irvine

“My current paintings build on the theme of La Fête Champêtre (pastoral picnic) which I have been preoccupied with for a year. Widening the boundaries, I have included activites such as perfume making, playing games, and waiting for the bus home. The paintings show figures in enclosed outdoor settings which include abundant growth of flowers and trees. I aim for a feeling of containment which is almost claustrophobic. I hope the viewer will be drawn into the paintings and become fascinated as they move around inside them.”

Alexandra Warren

Alexandra Warren’s new work has the votive presence of a inner, spiritual world on the very edge of the natural. It is a mysterious world but touchable and instinctively familiar. The paintings engage with dream, and hope, and wish and confront us with the strength and beauty of her vision transfigured into a rich, sumptuous and exotic painterly improvisation.


Union Gallery
4 Drumsheugh Place
Edinburgh EH3 7PT

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