Book Reviews

Registering Art’s Losses

This book follows ten cases in the dark side of the global art market – next to drugs and arms, the most smuggled commodity in the world.

Still Modern After All These Years

Examining one of the most influential British designers and the country’s first independent industrial designer, whose timeless work still looks modern more than a century later.

Total Immersion Therapy

An inspirational travel guide for anyone interested in art, including hundreds of experiences from around the world, from festivals, installations and art trails to art islands, monuments and sculpture parks.

Art’s Long Emergency Response

The Alchemy Experiment’s compilation of the shared experience of lockdown through the eyes of poets, photographers, painters, illustrators and graphic artists.

A Giant of British Graphic Design

This beautifully illustrated volume delves into the life of one of Britain’s most prolilic and best known artists of the early 20th century.

They’re Out to Trick Us…

A fascinating look at the history of illusionistic art, revealing a wide-ranging of techniques designed to fool the viewer.

The Power of the Flower

An exploration of the ways in which artists and image-makers have employed floral motifs throughout history.

William McTaggart, 'The Storm', oil on canvas

Lachlan’s got the Whole Story Covered at Lyon & Turnbull

Lyon & Turnbull is hosting the launch of Lachlan Goudie’s new book, The Story of Scottish Art. In an online interview with Kirsty Wark, Lachlan will discuss his exploration of the 5,000 years of Scottish creativity covered by the book.

Cover, Open Studio

Lifting the Lid on the Creative Process

A behind-closed-doors look into the everyday work of a number of celebrated contemporary artists, uncovering the mystery around their studios and creative processes.

Cover, 50 Women Sculptors

How Women are Sculpting their Own History

Including many stellar names, a fully-illustrated look at the lives and works of dozens of women sculptors from the 1880s to the present, many of whom have pushed the boundaries of the genre far beyond their male counterparts.