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news from Glengoyne whisky about an improved visitor experience

news from Glengoyne whisky about an improved visitor experienceSo the Year of Food & Drink is with us and I expect to see lots of foodie news in my inbox this month. In the meantime we can toast 2015 with the news from Glengoyne whisky about an improved visitor experience at its Dumgoyne distillery, north of Glasgow. A big investment includes a new maturation display. For the first time in the distillery’s 180-year history, visitors will now be able to see where the award-winning whisky develops its distinctive character and flavour with a focus on the different casks used for maturation. Stuart Hendry of Glengoyne explains: “Something like 60 to 70 per cent of our flavour comes from our wood.

Our different Glengoyne expressions are crafted by combining different casks from Spain and the US, each of which bring their own characteristics. Even casks which seem identical in every way somehow bring their own unique style. Why does this happen? Why do two identical First Fill Sherry casks, filled here on the same day then left for a decade or two beside each other in our warehouse deliver such markedly different aromas and flavours? The answer can now be found at Glengoyne.” Great to know that the thirst for knowledge about the intricacies of whisky is being taken into account it the visitor centres.

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