William Crosbie - Cathédrale à l'Huile, oil on board
William Crosbie - Cathédrale à l'Huile, oil on board

The Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh: William Crosbie – The Devoted Creative

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Note: open by appointment only.

1st – 25th April

As ever, The Scottish Gallery’s new brace of exhibitions covers myriad fronts. William Crosbie: The Devoted Creative allows an insight into the distinct, challenging life of the prodigiously talented painter, whose prolific output is in evidence in much previously-unseen work. Michael Becker: Beauty in Geometry offers us a powerful contemporary interpretation of gold, which he combines with stones such as lapis lazuli, uvarovite and red mineral pigment in exquisite small-scale constructions. Clive Bowen and Masaaki Shibata: Masters of Slipware: East & West showcases the Devon-based artist and potter’s work in traditional local Fremlington clay, alongside one of the most respected slipware potters in Japan, exhibiting for the first time with the Gallery. Alexandra Knubley – From Harris to Humbie shows his explorations of the changing natural world in pigment mixed with oil and beeswax. www.scottish-gallery.co.uk

16 Dundas Street
Edinburgh EH3 6HZ

Image: William Crosbie – Cathédrale à l’Huile, oil on board


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