The Nomads Tent : Persian Delights

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The Nomads Tent in Edinburgh just opened up their new cafe and now is participating in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. As a part of it, the gallery has prepared a selling exhibition of everyday pottery from Iran, Najafabad ceramics inspired by nature and ancient myths, and Sofrehs; bold and minimalist kilims traditionally woven for bread making and storage.

The opening of the exhibition is on Aug 2 and will be accompanied by a musical performance by Helena MacGilp and Chris Elmes, also known as Duo Hyperborea. They will perform vocal and instrumental music from Iran, Turkey and the Balkans.

The Nomads Tent’s programme for the Festival also includes 4 other events. For more information about them, have a look at the gallery’s website here.

21 St Leonard’s Ln
Edinburgh EH8 9SH

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