The Modern Institute, Glasgow: Art Basel Online Viewing Rooms

Simon Starling - A-A’, B-B’, Fiat 125 Special, 1968, Cutaway View, detail

Previews 17th and 18th June, public from 19th June. Finishes 26th June.

Glasgow’s The Modern Institute has a new exhibition at the web-based gallery Art Basel Viewing Rooms, whose collection from around the world’s galleries extends to thousands of artworks.

The Institute’s presentation includes works by Anne Collier, Matt Connors, Jeremy Deller, Alex Dordoy, Jim Lambie, Adam McEwen, Nicolas Party, Walter Price, Eva Rothschild, Monika Sosnowska, Cathy Wilkes and Richard Wright and Simon Starling, pictured.

Visit An initial log-in is required, which in Artmag‘s experience takes only a minute.

Image: Simon Starling – A-A’, B-B’, Fiat 125 Special, 1968, cutaway view, detail

See also Artmag‘s review of Simon’s 2019 exhibition 


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