The Gallery Melrose, Melrose: Tom Davidson

The Gallery Melrose, Melrose: Tom Davidson


The Gallery Melrose presents a new series of works by the artist Tom Davidson.

Tom graduated in Graphic Design in 1977 and turned to printmaking in 1984. Choosing lino-cuts as his preferred media.
Tom also paints in various other media. Tom’s work is in private collections all around the world as well as nearer home in the collections of Paintings in Hospitals (Scotland), The Houses of Parliament, Floors Castle and Durham University.

Tom Davidson’s lino-cuts are produced from a single block of linoleum, using a reduction process, printing each colour on top of the previous colour, working from light to dark.

All of his works are hand drawn, or cut and printed by the artist. Prints are produced in limited editions of between twenty and thirty.


The Gallery Melrose
23 Market Square
Melrose TD6 9PL

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