The Fine Art Society: Tim Pomeroy, Marble Slate Wood

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The Fine Art Society is yet again hosting an impressive exhibition of truly international art stature. The open and flowing space of the gallery, as well as impeccable organization and presentation make for an ideal place to present a prolific and prescient artist such as Tim Pomeroy.

As of the past few years, Tim’s primary medium is sculpture. The first striking aspect of Pomeroy’s work derives from the apparent meticulously mapped out plans of his work and delicate execution with engineered precision.

The artist’s abundant source of inspiration ranges on the historical spectrum from the Neolithic age up to the present moment of natural existence, from which time and space filter through the artist’s mind only to be imprinted and reconstructed from marble, slate, granite, and sandstone found in the Isle of Arran, where Tim is based. Perhaps it is this vast range of material and impressions that gives Pomeroy’s pieces an alluring alien appeal as if time has split just for an instant to capture the perfect shape of a crystalline cosmic being.

This sense of an outer world existence is magnificently captured by the piece ‘Hatched Whorl’. The hypnotic repetition and ideal smooth and calculated lines instantly attract the viewer’s gaze. The precision of this piece is balanced out by other rather amorphous pieces, such as the wood ‘Cedar Grain I’. The shape, form and perceived texture of the pieces invokes a certain soothing awe in the face of some satellite presence, a kind of eternal celestial silence.

It is intriguing how Tim Pomeroy’s sculptures are heavily inspired by the natural world and can hint at the endless quality of the cosmos and its deep pools of darkness. Perhaps this is an aspect that will make us feel less scared from the unknown, both in a more philosophical but also in an everyday sense- that everything is interconnected and even the unknown is a repeating pattern from long ago.



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