Tabula Rasa I Traverse Theatre, Eden Court & Tramway

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Edinburgh: Traverse Theatre Nov 9-11
Inverness: Eden Court Nov 16
Glasgow: Tramway Nov 22-24

Two of Scotland’s foremost performing groups present a co-production that sets Arvo Pärt’s spiritual and mesmeric Tabula Rasa in a theatrical context, exploring the recognised role of the piece in the care of patients during their final days.

With musicians forming an integral part of the drama, this visionary production explores the documented role of Pa?rt’s haunting piece, which has come to be known – and used – as a profound and transcendental piece of music. It is a life-affirming exploration of care, humanity, suffering – and the uplifting power, and endless importance, of art.

Vanishing Point is Scotland’s foremost artist-led independent theatre company, internationally acclaimed for its distinctive, groundbreaking work.

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