Summerhall Brings the Spring

Bridget Ivers Cox
Bridget Ivers Cox, ‘Mango & Limes’, oil on canvas

Wed - Sun 12:00 - 17:00, Sat 11:00 - 18:00

1 Summerhall
Edinburgh & the Lothians

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Edinburgh arts centre Summerhall is packing an abundance of visual art, installation, photography and theatre into its February – March programme.

Its visual art offer includes a major retrospective exhibition of the work of painter Bridget Ivers Cox (also spelt ‘Ievers’, 1951 – 2022, see above), whose diverse work spans life drawing and painting, portraiture, still life and landscape. Having been exhibited in Dublin, Belfast, London and Carlisle, Bridget garnered international recognition in 2019 when one of her portraits was selected for the prestigious National Portrait Gallery International Portrait Competition. Her extensive archive was bequeathed to the MacLean brothers, the Atlantic rowers whose art charity supports clean water overseas, and all proceeds from the exhibition go to this cause. (Meadows Galleries 22nd Jan – 19th March, Weds – Sun, 12 – 6pm)

John Kindness, 'The Odyssey'
John Kindness, ‘The Odyssey’

There is a series of works based on Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey by John Kindness who was inspired by James Joyce’s version, Ulysses. Kindness employs modern references to further explore the myth (such as the hazards of Scylla and Charybdis being engraved onto a toilet seat, Odysseus’s teenage son listening to albums by ‘The Sirens’ and ‘The Gorgons’, and Poseidon advertising expensive underwater watches). William Morris, Iris Robinson and Desperate Dan all make appearances at various points. The exhibit is permanently in the Main Hall’s panelled ceiling, lined with printed images of the works, and next door in the Lab gallery – now extended into March, Weds – Sun, 12 – 6pm, where there is a display of some of the original objects. John is due to give an artist talk – details to be confirmed.

Jamie Johnson, 'Circular Seas'
Jamie Johnson, from ‘Circular Seas’

At the Sciennes Gallery 10th Feb – 26th March, Weds – Sun, 12 – 6pm, Circular Seas is a new body of paintings, monotypes and works on paper by artist Jamie Johnson, who draws on recent life events and the emotions associated with them as inspiration – elation and loss interacting across abstracted, other-worldly scenes. Creative website It’s Nice That comments that, ‘His work demands inspection and gradually gives up its secrets, often first appearing as an abstract texture before revealing gently surreal compositions.’

Roger Elliot, 'Wallpapers'
Roger Elliot, from ‘Wallpapers’

On display until 26th February, Weds – Sun, 12 – 6pm, Roger Elliot‘s multicoloured installation Wallpapers (K7 Series) transforms Summerhall’s basement galleries into a polychromatic experience. Eliot used the RAL K7 colour chart to extract essential colours from famous works of art, raising provocative questions about originality, authorship and circulation.

Summerhall, 'Feminine Futures'
Feminine Futures

With Feminine Futures, curator Adrien Sina presents two exhibitions exploring feminine dance history during the first half of the 20th century., including rare or unpublished original photographs of radical performers from the past. Feminine Futures: Ukraine War | Oppression | Dystopia is a presentation of dances of resilience through experimental film (until 26th March, Weds – Sun, 12 – 6pm in the War Memorial Gallery). Adrien says, ‘Feminine contributions to avant-garde movements are always underestimated. But the strength of their critical, radical, constructive or destructive positions played a crucial role in the birth of performance as a new discipline.’

Flame Up!
The Flames in ‘Flame Up!’

Upcoming theatre and performance includes a striking, innovative mix of film, music and performance by The Flames in Flame Up! on Saturday 25th Feb – an exploration of stories about life after fifty, taking a fresh look at how we approach ageing. Performances are at 3pm and 7pm.

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