Steven Lindsay, 'Regret', oil on canvas
Steven Lindsay, 'Regret', oil on canvas

Steven Lindsay Lights up Doubtfire Gallery

Exhibition News

Title: Lightsource

Dates: 16 Sep 2020 – 17 Oct 2020

Times: Wed - Fri 11:00 – 16:00, Sat 14:00 – 16:00. By appointment outwith these hours.

Venue: Doubtfire Gallery

3 S E Circus Place



Steven Lindsay studied painting at Glasgow School of Art in the 1980’s, and after a career as a recording artist, returned to painting nine years ago, bringing his own take on the European figurative tradition, with classical drawing and brushwork in a modern context and employing a dramatic Vermeer-like chiaroscuro. His work is widely-collected and this is a chance to see his work gathered together in a cohesive setting. He says ‘The similarities I found between music and painting are striking, in the composition, subject matter, relative values, rhythm, harmony and even choosing a title for a particular piece. I believe my life’s journey is represented in my work. I became a full time painter in 2011 after being shortlisted for Scotland’s Aspect Art prize.’

Image: ‘Regret’, oil on canvas