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Arusha Gallery, 13A Dundas St, Edinburgh
Show running until September 27

Sophie Milner’s first solo show in Scotland, Sleepwalkers, opened with a crowded private viewing last night at the Arusha Gallery on Dundas Street. Milner’s work, at the same time luridly vivid and wonderfully abstract, is a perfect fit for the Arusha Gallery’s space. In the artist’s own words, “the lucid dreamer can steer the direction of the dream but never the dream itself.” This sentiment is present across all of the displayed works, presenting surreal dreamscapes and imagery which will not appear to the viewer until the second, or even third, glance.

The first piece which greets you upon entering the galleries is The Poet, seemingly an depiction of a pink, abstract forest, but which upon further inspection reveals itself to be back of a reclining nude. Many of the pieces on display inhabit a dreamlike world, somewhere between sleep and wakefulness, conjuring up images of lucid, REM dreaming and strange, misshapen nightmares.

The pieces are all obviously well chosen and hold together as a clear and coherent statement. The gallery’s fantastic space is well used and the curation is well thought out and treats the pieces very well. There are some interesting and unique pieces on display, so shake off the post-festival blues and see it while you still can!

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