Scottish Maritime Museum, Irvine: Industry + Aesthetics

Scottish Maritime Museum, Irvine: Industry + Aesthetics

Scotland was among the first industrialised nations in the world. In the postindustrial age, the country’s legacy of industrial sites and places can still be viewed negatively, synonymous with decline, pollution and blight. Industry + Aesthetics at the Scottish Maritime Museum in Irvine is an exhibition of industrial survey photography which invites the viewer to consider afresh the images, and by association, the places in terms of their aesthetic value, their inherent artistic quality and the personal, emotional responses they invoke. The images shine a spotlight on Scotland’s industrial heritage, capturing aspects from the everyday to the exceptional, the marginalised, the ignored and the undervalued. Says project manager Miriam McDonald: “The purpose of this exhibition is to capture those first emotions that grab us all when we look at an industry for the first time. Within the images on display you can sense excitement, sadness, awe, poignancy, pride and danger.”

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