Platform, Glasgow: Mother Goose Fae Easterhoose

Platform: Mother Goose. L-R Amy Kennedy playing Greta and Michelle Chantelle Hopewel playing Bruce photo taken by Euan Robertson

Until 23rd December

At the heart of Glasgow’s East End, the Platform arts centre offers a year-round programme of cutting-edge theatre, gigs, workshops, exhibitions and activities, and surprises with some of the best Christmas shows. This year is certainly no different – Mother Goose is a fantastic show for the whole family and to add to the fun this show is packed with ‘tunes’ we all know and love but with a Scottish twist: Mother Goose Fae Easterhoose is a fun-packed Christmas show that will have you laughing at all the Scottish humour, cheering and shedding a tear!

Written by a Glasgow-based playwright, director and theatre maker Lewis Hetherington Mother Goose Fae Easterhoose tells a story of a young girl called Greta, her mother and their goose. They live a quiet and peaceful life together until their goose lays a golden egg…Will Mother Goose resist the temptation of the egg and all the perks that come with it or will she remain true to her kind self? To find out click here for tickets.

Suitable for everyone aged 5 years and over. Duration 70 minutes.

The Bridge,
1000 Westerhouse Road
Glasgow G34 9JW

Image: Amy Kennedy as Greta and Michelle Chantelle Hopewell as Bruce. Photo Euan Robertson

Thanks to Joanna Zuchowska for this review

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