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Pippa Young – A Shifting Uncertainty: Paintings
Arusha Gallery, 13A Dundas St, Edinburgh
Show running until October 31

“To live in the modern world is to participate in a shifting uncertainty. Experience is fragmented, meaning ambiguous. What seems to be apparent on the surface, can prove to be something else entirely underneath; interpretations varies from one person to another. In a world where much of our experience is received second-hand, through photographic imagery, I am interested in the nature of the reality we construct around ourselves.” – Pippa Young

Pippa Young’s “A Shifting Uncertainty: Paintings,” currently showing at Edinburgh’s Arusha Gallery, is the second half of Young’s two-part solo exhibition, the first half being “A Shifting Uncertainty: Drawings,” exhibited in October 2015. Consisting of new oil paintings and small oil studies from the artist, the exhibition is a fantastic collection of work exhibited beautifully.

In addition to the paintings, two essays, ‘A Sense of Reflection” by Maria Zemtsova and “Smile Please” by Laura Gasgoine accompany the exhibition, rounding out the show as more than an exhibition of an artists work and turning it into a true exploration of an idea.

This idea, the uncertainty of our interpretations of our lives and the uncertainty of our experiences is conveyed wonderfully by the pieces. At the opening I engaged several other attendees about their personal understanding of the works and each gave me unique and wildly different interpretations. The artist’s sharp rendering of detail in some places and total lack of detail in others creates space for the viewer to “fill in the gaps” as it were.

My own personal favourite piece from the exhibition is “Self-Determined”, a head-and-shoulders portrait in a classical style. This piece is a fantastic example of Young’s high/low details style, with the face of the subject being highly detailed, almost photorealistic, and the clothes and hair left as singular blocks of white or pattern.

“Pippa Young – A Shifting Uncertainty: Paintings” is a wonderful mix of technically excellent painting and challenging ideas. Don’t miss the chance to see this set of paintings together for the first and only time!

Visit The Arusha Gallery stand at The Edinburgh Art Fair.

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