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Arab Spring or Jasmine Revolution as it’s more politely called

Escape the fiercer weather with a trip to the desert. You can take a couple of flights and be in Tozeur, in the real Saharan south of Tunisia in about five hours. Tozeur is a genuine oasis and strangely familiar at that. Film set is the easiest description, since it’s been the location for Star Wars, Indiana Jones, The English Patient and, lately, Black Gold with Antonio Banderas – the only thing hotter than the Harissa chilli sauce served on the side of every cool salad at the Palm Beach Palace Hotel. There’s no shortage of sand and no shortage of palms, as dates are even more important to the region than tourists – and tourism is already really really important.

If you haggle over the fare, you can take a horse-drawn carriage for next to nothing along to Eden Palm, a plantation that welcomes visitors. Enjoy a guided tour and then sit down to a lunch that features the divine “brik”, the local choux-pastry delicacy that’s filled with, well, whatever you fancy really. Best avoid filling one with Harissa, unless you want a palate as fiery as the dunes in July.

Go now and you’ll find an exhibition of caricatures, featuring all the familiar faces from the Arab Spring, or Jasmine Revolution as it’s more politely called.

Tunisian National Tourist Office

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