Nine Muses, Nine-Eleven on the Ninth of March

The Nine Muses (UK) Ltd was founded in 2014 by Emma O’Neil, who a has longstanding passion for working with well-known, famous and prolific artists. Since formation, The Nine Muses work has included documentaries, publishing, producing original score music and sponsoring the world’s First PhD in a subject relating to the iconic “Brother Walfrid” Oil painting by Peter Howson, commissioned by The Nine Muses.

Their latest exhibition, which opened on 9th March 2018, sees the Glasgow based art company exploring one of their other interests- “Rolling Sculpture” also known as cars, as they opened their art show in partnership with Porsche.  The show boasts artworks by esteemed Scottish artists Peter Howson, James McDonald and Gerard Burns, which is also available to buy from 9 Muses.

Emma said, “ We are very excited to do an Art show in partnership with such a great brand! Not only do we see the obvious synergies of like-minded pools of clientele but there is a deeper sense of why our clients would look at a Porsche and a piece of Art from one of our well-known artists. Accordingly, the acquisition of art as a high- performance asset class is no longer considered an alternative financial investment, but a key one.  This could also be said for a Porsche 911.”

For further information on the 9 Muses, visit their website

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