Moy Mackay Gallery, Peebles: Summer Exhibition

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New visitors to the renowned Moy Mackay Gallery in Peebles, along with gallery regulars are currently enjoying the third exhibition taking place there this year. In addition to the gallery owner, author and artist Moy Mackay’s vibrant felted paintings, they can also view the work of Nancy Turnbull who has been painting Scottish landscapes for many years. Nancy works quickly and instinctively, with a palette knife, large brushes and rags producing canvasses which are fresh, lively, textured and thoroughly contemporary. Colour is the key element: the soft muted tones of the Scottish landscape suit her realist palette. Her scientific background has given her a strong interest in the natural world she is inspired to paint by observing nature, remarking: “There must always be a reason for painting a particular landscape; something that sparks the imagination, something that only an artist’s eye would observe’.

Also showing is Tom Sutton-Smith who grew up in Scotland, beginning his career in a commercial art studio and attending Edinburgh College of Art. After a busy, successful career in advertising, working as an art director and creative director in Montreal, Toronto and Winnipeg, Tom decided to change his life and to fulfill a lifelong ambition by painting full-time. Now living in Scotland, he works mainly in oil on canvas on a broad range of subjects including portrait commissions. His work is exhibited in galleries across Scotland and Canada. His current work is influenced by the landscape he lives in now as well as the big open Canadian skies. Tending towards an abstract, impressionistic style, his cherished hope is that he leaves the viewer with the joy that he derives from creating the work.

Ian Rawnsley, the other in this impressive triumvirate of leading artists, is a full-time contemporary artist exploring seascapes and landscape in both abstract and representational forms. Working predominately in oil, his bold and sometimes physical style attempts to capture the energy and the drama of the coast and the open sea. His painting is an exploration of the emotional pull of colour and texture to bring the sea alive. Ian finds constant inspiration from the varied coastal scenery of the British Isles and Ireland and is drawn to the drama of the wild winter seas of the Celtic fringe. Interestingly, in recent years Ian has been committed to therapeutic creativity as an extension to his work as a full-time artist developing workshops and projects to promote well-being for both children and vulnerable adults. His latest artistic venture draws together painting, literature and photographic reportage in a major two to three year project that will take him to sea from Iceland to the edge of the Mediterranean.

The above are joined by artists Adrian McCurdy and Amanda Phillips who regularly shows at the Moy Mackay Gallery.


Image credit: Tom Sutton-Smith, Sunhaze Pink

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