Marchmont Gallery, Menon
Marchmont Gallery, Menon

Marchmont Gallery: Val Menon: Kerala: The Mind’s Eye

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Menon is an Edinburgh-based artist, whose first visit to the land of her subject matter took place in 1986. Since then, using on-location sketches and photographs, the artist has recreated on the canvas, in an especially observational way, the environment surrounding an ancestral home of the family. The exhibition comprises of 14 works, arranged in a more or less chronological alignment in the bright space of the gallery. The artist’s pieces reflect an unadulterated understanding of the tropical environment in Southern India (more specifically the Blue Mountains (Nilgiri) and Kerala). Menon’s work is born from vibrant colors and a powerful spatial awareness.

Her newest sequences are created primarily in the red palette, such as “The Still Stillness” and “Vesper”.  Her piece “Deep pool of forest shade” is marked by delicate deep blue highlights, transporting the viewer in a swirl of light and color. The work evokes a sense of adventurous abandon and universal ease. Menon’s technique and composition inspire profuse longing and elation. The artist’s oil paintings do justice to such a magnificent and naturally overwhelming subject matter. They are reflections on a rich cultural heritage, existing within a highly saturated natural environment.

Marchmont Gallery, Menon
Marchmont Gallery, Menon


Menon’s “The Night Train” is a display of a powerful and intense color scheme. The melting world of the painting detonates within itself and flowers before the viewer’s gaze. To a certain extent, one can almost feel the atmosphere of Southern India being radiated from the paintings.



Marchmont Gallery


By Liliya Nikolova

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