Halidon Home | Edinburgh

A new exhibition space in Edinburgh takes on a different angle 

Halidon Home, 13C Dundas Street, Edinburgh
Open Tuesday – Saturday, 10am – 5pm

Exhibiting art as you would display it in your home setting is the premise behind recently opened Halidon Home in Edinburgh. In the heart of the capital’s galleries quarter, on Dundas Street, the interiors boutique has an interesting collection of Scottish artists on display as part of a welcoming interiors milieu.

Surrounded by decorative pieces, consoles, mirrors, time pieces and luxurious furnishings, oil paintings by contemporary artist Ewan Stirrat and expressionist Garth Bayley hang in situ alongside limited edition prints by photographer Colin Homes. The majestic copper wirework of a stag’s head by silversmith Sheila Jardine stands proudly among this impressive home setting. 

Owner Aveline Evans is keen to support Scottish artists. “I’m strong on individuality. I think it’s a shame when people create a beautiful home to then hang mass produced art on the walls. Seeing a work as you would have it in your own interior makes a lot of sense. There is so much talent out there and I love giving artists a chance to exhibit on Dundas Street, where the top end galleries can be found.” 

Garth’s Baylie’s work is big, bold and full of movement. A striking oil of a dancer “He leaps he fies” is framed by dramatic chrome lights and silver candle sticks above a leather console table as you enter the boutique. An expressionistic style with lavish use of colour Garth works mainly in traditional oils. His fascination for his environment is captured in his work “Greenoch Harbour”.

Meanwhile monochrome limited edition prints by photographer Colin Homes reflect the serenity of Skye and the drama of Glencoe next to cristal vases and nickel decorative pieces.

Ewan Stirrat’s who has exhibited in London and Manchester and who’s work is in a number of private collection worldwide also is on show at Halidon Home. His oil work, exploring themes of nature and the spiritual path of making add a touch of reflection to the collection.

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