Thomas Hogben - Soul of a Statue

GMTF: Glass Meet The Future Film Festival

3rd – 17th July

A new free festival of film screenings, #GMTF – Glass Meet the Future launches on 3rd July, spearheaded by Caithness glass enterprise North Lands Creative and supported by Creative Scotland and The British Council.

The festival comprises two parts: Part I will showcase 34 films including documentaries and performance works, and a series of showings from the festival’s open call, introducing a new wave of creators, a special programme of female glass artists and a presentation of selection of contemporary artistic performances and narratives from 26 artists from the world of glass.

The second part will premiere The Soul of a Statue by Scottish filmmaker Thomas Hogben produced at North Lands Creative studio in Caithness – a collage of the texture and detail observed in the extraordinary technique of Czech glass-sculptor Martin Janecký, capturing his endeavours to translate his vision into ‘a sculpture so breathtaking it appears to have a soul of its own…’

Image: Thomas Hogben – The Soul of a Statue


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