Gallery TEN, Edinburgh: Chick Chalmers, An American Roadtrip

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The displayed works in Gallery TEN are moving in their gentle approach, almost perfectly arranged composition (since Chalmer printed his photographs uncropped), and the frankness of their subjects. Chick Chalmer’s road trip to almost every state in the US (flying through the vastness of the country in style, in a mobile camper van) left behind a modest, yet stunning collection of photographs, which charm with their nostalgic hues and unconstrained nature.

Nighthawks at the Diner is an intimate portrayal of a fleeting moment of tenderness, naturally observed from a respectful, yet sufficient distance, like all of Chalmer’s works. The delicacy of the image and the light blur on the diner’s edges are reminiscent of Saul Leiter’s soft gaze but in a black and white version. Street Bathers impresses with its organic sense of summer abandon. This work is a specific example of the cinematic backdrop in Chalmer’s work from this collection, which still manages to somehow feel personal and authentic. Crash is another intriguing photograph, which effortlessly portrays the quintessence of the empire state.


Gallery TEN
5 William St
Edinburgh EH3 7NG



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