Jack Morrocco, 'Riello de Santa Sofia, Cannaregio, Venice', oil
Jack Morrocco, 'Riello de Santa Sofia, Cannaregio, Venice', oil

From Morrocco to Morningside, Edinburgh

Lasting Impressions

7 Aug 2021 – 29 Aug 2021

Mon - Sat 10:00 - 17:00, Sun 12:00 - 17:00

Morningside Gallery
94 Morningside Rd
Edinburgh & the Lothians
EH10 4BY

As mentioned in our previous post about Edinburgh’s Morningside Gallery, a new show featuring the painter Jack Morrocco is scheduled, planned so that each part of the gallery will focus on Morrocco’s different subject-matter, such as his exquisitely-expressed traditional still-lifes, contemporary studio paintings, his large-scale waterlilies and reflections on water, and works from his travels to France and Italy – each is depicted masterfully. A beautiful exhibition book is available from the gallery and can be viewed online via its website.

The Gallery’s website includes a 360-degree virtual gallery tour, and its friendly team provides a number of services to assist interested customers, including room visualisation, and purchasing and delivery options.

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