Fine dining at the Chippie from Six by Nico Glasgow

Top chef Nico Simione sure likes a challenge. Not content with running his trailblazing 111 restaurant where he offers Michelin standard dishes at reasonable prices, his brand new venture aims to bring a six course tasting menu to eager foodies at a mere 25 quid a head. Opening on the 14th March in Finnieston, Six by Nico will run a continual six week turn around menu with themes based on place, memory or idea, drawing inspiration from fabulous Scottish produce.

The debut launches with The Chippie, a nostalgic nod to the wonders of our chip shop classics but blinged up with contemporary flourishes, so chips and cheese comes as a potato cannelloni with crowdie mousse and steak pie is a Speyside beef shin with onion choucroute and brioche. Other themes are being kept under wraps but each will be revealed every six weeks with a bit of notice to get your bookings in.

The Chippie runs from 14th March to April 23rd and an extra £25 will land you some expert wine pairing choices with each course.

Six by Nico | Reservations:

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