'Minari', Director Lee Isaac Chung. Image: Melissa Lukenbaugh/A24
'Minari', Director Lee Isaac Chung. Image: Melissa Lukenbaugh/A24

Filmhouse Brings Cinema Home

Filmhouse at Home

Filmhouse Cinemas
Aberdeen & Aberdeenshire, Edinburgh & the Lothians

Filmhouse Cinemas, which include Edinburgh’s Filmhouse and Aberdeen’s Belmont Filmhouse, have launched Filmhouse at Home, a new online streaming platform with a hand-picked selection of award-winning films. The first of over 20 titles includes the award-winning Stray, a documentary about stray dogs on the streets of Istanbul which was premiered at the London Film Festival, the Holocaust survival drama Persian Lessons, the documentary Poly Styrene: I am a Cliché about the counter-culture icon and punk pioneer, and the first documentary entirely in Scots Gaelic, Iorram (Boat Song), a portrait of a fishing community in the Outer Hebrides past and present. The future programme will include the Sundance-winning and Oscar-nominated Minari (pictured). 

The films are priced from £3.50 with a percentage of the online ticket price going directly to Filmhouse Cinemas. Audiences will have 30 days to watch a film once purchased and 48 hours to watch a title once they click ‘Play’. (Some exceptions apply). In the 48 hours, the film can be watched multiple times. Some films are only available to rent a limited number of times, so audiences are encouraged to book early.

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