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ECA Festival Exhibition
ECA Festival Exhibition (Illustration)

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[Until 25th August]

Summer at ECA is a programme of free exhibitions and events taking place in August, as part of the Edinburgh Art Festival programme. Most of the artworks are on-site at the ECA campus (Lauriston Place), including the ECA Festival Exhibition of postgraduate work. Here’s a summary review of all exhibitions in the Summer at ECA programme.

ECA Festival Exhibition [until 18th August]
ECA presents an exhibition of work by its postgraduate students. View completed work from those studying Art, Space & Nature, Contemporary Art Practice, Illustration, Interdisciplinary Creative Practice, Glass and Material Practice. Find out more about the artists and view their work online at the ECA exhibition page.

Browse the works on display, buy related products in the shop and pick up contact cards from this year’s postgraduates. There’s strong work from those studying Illustration, Glass and the Art, Space & Nature MA group.

Summer at ECA continues at Lauriston Place with:

Sonikebana [until 17th August]
A long-form sound composition by Martin Parker and Anna Chapman Parker that is added to and transformed by different sounds made by viewers. Walk around this sonorous room through a field of nine custom-built speakers on wheeled boxes. You are invited to move them around to alter the shape of the soundscape. There are five oil paintings on unframed canvas sealed with gesso. The images and sounds of the movement of trees lay the foundation for this installation. In this visit, I found murmurs of laughter and squeaking shoe soles ripple their way into the soundscape. You’ll want to stay longer to get a sense of the subtle changes in sound.

Martin and Anna Chapman Parker, Sonikebana
Martin and Anna Chapman Parker | Sonikebana | 9-channel reactive sound installation


Fully Awake 4.6 [until 25th August]
“A cycle of exhibitions with an intergenerational approach to how painting is taught. Thirteen artists currently teaching at UK art institutions will show their work alongside that of two guest artists, one of whom they have taught, and the other who has taught them. Exhibiting artists include Sonia Boyce, Alexis Harding, and Dan Hays. The show has been curated by Ian Hartshorne and Sean Kaye for the organisation Teaching Painting.”

Corin Sworn: Habits of Assembly [until 25th August]
This Glasgow-based artist examines relationships between sound / visual technology and the body in the world, inspired by the choreography of Trisha Brown. A massive installation of video works set within cages in which the viewer can freely walk, with sweet spots of sound that catch the ear as you navigate the space. Commissioned by Edinburgh Art Festival.

Corin Sworn, Habits of Assembly
Corin Sworn, Habits of Assembly


Double Disaster (Closing Down) [until 18th August]
A video work made on a road trip to visit the spot where John Lennon and Yoko Ono crashed their car in the Highlands of Scotland.

Summer at ECA continues at The Fire Station (Engine House) and Evolution House (Tent Gallery), both at the Lauriston Place campus:

Platform: 2019 [until 25th August]
A showcase for early-career artists, exhibiting four Scottish-based artists – this year selected by Monster Chetwynd and Toby Paterson. Check out Suds McKenna’s characterful and humourous studies of urban crowd scenes.

Suds McKenna, Platform 2019
Suds McKenna | Platform 2019 | Street Drawings | ink on paper


Grey to Blue: Ecological Entanglements [until 25th August]
An almost scientific – but at the same time poetic – series of abstract installations exploring ecological interactions through colour, time and space.

Yulia Kovanova, Paw Paw, Dark Flower Scarab Beetle
Yulia Kovanova | Paw Paw, Dark Flower Scarab Beetle | pine, eco-friendly emulsion paint


Also as part of the Summer at ECA but a little further afield:

Data Play: Design Informatics Pavilion [until 26th August]
An interactive pop-up exhibition, designed by the biomorphis architect + design practice and features a range of objects and experiences that invite you to step into the future.

Samson Young: Real Music [until 5th October]
Talbot Rice Gallery shows Young’s latest artworks and installations. A conceptually and aurally rich experience, this exhibition includes a muted orchestral performance on a grand scale and video performances. There is also a massive sound garden installation featuring virtual music from hypothetical instruments and works on paper with 3D printed frames – created in collaboration with University of Edinburgh Next Generation Sound Synthesis research group (NESS). Step into a gallery space lined with plush carpets and filled with exciting sound experiences. You might feel like kicking off your shoes and staying awhile. This is my highlight of the Summer at ECA exhibition.

Samson Young, Muted Situations #22
Samson Young | Muted Situations #22: Muted Tchaikovsky’s 5th | 12-channel sound installation, HD video, carpet


Edinburgh College of Art
74 Lauriston Place EH3 9DF
11 – 5pm daily

Bayes Centre
The University of Edinburgh
47 Potterrow, Edinburgh EH8 9BT
11 – 6pm daily

Talbot Rice Gallery
Old College, South Bridge EH8 9YL
10 – 5pm weekdays
12 – 5pm weekends

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