Earthly Delights: A History of the Renaissance

Earthly Delights: A History of the Renaissance

Jonathan Jones

Thames & Hudson

Earthly Delights rekindles the Renaissance as a seismic change in European mentalities, with artists from northern and southern Europe featuring in a narrative which sets their lives against a period of convulsive change. Albrecht Dürer gazes with wonder on Aztec art in Brussels in 1520. Leonardo da Vinci tries to perfect a flying machine. Hieronymus Bosch finds inspiration in West African ivory carvings imported by the Portuguese to Antwerp. A then unknown Netherlandish painter called Pieter Bruegel arrives in 1550s Rome just as Michelangelo is striving in the same city to raise the new St Peter’s Basilica towards heaven. This was an age when people dared to conjure new ideas and create new worlds.

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