Crystalline I The Inverarity Gallery


The Inverarity Gallery introduces a major new collection of works by Tammy Mae Moon and Anita Inverarity with Crystal Exhibits by Joss Rushton at Elemental Crystals.

Tammy Mae Moon is a self-taught artists born in 1975 who grew up in the enchanted forests of the Ozark Mountains. The portrayals of myths by Pre-Raphelites were one of her first artistic influences. Though she was practically born with a pencil and sketch pad in her hand, it took a few years after earning a degree in Antiquities before she realised it was art all along that had her heart and soul. Her art borders between Fantasy, Surrealism and Pop with a strong sense of emotion in the eyes of her subjects.

The Inverarity Gallery is the home gallery and studio of artist Anita Inverarity. Anita also curates a rolling program of exhibitions in our viewing rooms showcasing a mix of international artists and UK based artists, which reflect her love of illustrative fine art and pop surreal genres.


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