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Ian Sclater, Editor and Writer

Ian Sclater is the Editor of Artmag, the largest circulation art magazine in Scotland and Northeast England. Along with a thorough knowledge of the domestic art, craft and design scene, he has travelled extensively researching and writing about international art. He has visited hundreds of art museums and independent galleries in some 30 cities in 20 countries.

Ian has worked over four decades in the publishing, marketing and advertising industries in the UK and USA and has written extensively for consumer and trade magazines, newspapers and websites on a wide range of topics, including art and culture, travel, hotels, food and beverage, conferences and media. He currently lives in Edinburgh.


Maria Cynkier, Website Editor and Social Media Manager

Maria is a recent GU History of Art graduate and soon she will begin to study Contemporary Art Curating in London, where she hopes to discover the world of contemporary art galleries and museums more in-depth. She is passionate about feminist, digital and performance art and takes every opportunity to experience them in person. Originally from Poland, since she moved to the UK four years ago, she had the opportunity to explore various cultural institutions and write about them for the Culture Trip and ARTinGlasgow.
In her free time, Maria loves painting and making digital collages. On top of that, she enjoys writing about herself in the third person.


Vivien Devlin, Arts and Travel Writer

Vivien Devlin is an arts and travel writer in Edinburgh, specialising in hotel and restaurant reviews, city guides, and features on touring Scotland, Highlands and Islands, food and drink as well as cruising adventures from the Hebrides to circumnavigating the world by ship. She also loves to review Art galleries, theatre and dance year round and a diverse range of performances, exhibitions and literary events during the Edinburgh Festivals.

Books include I Spy Edinburgh (for children) and “Edinburgh and East Coast Scotland,” a travel guidebook to Edinburgh, East Lothian, Scottish Borders, Fife and Perthshire. This is a foodie and cultural journey highlighting the best places to stay and eat what to see and do, heritage and leisure. Vivien is chair of the Judges of the Scottish Hotel Awards, (now in its 14th year) and regarded as the Oscars of the Scottish hospitality industry.

Isabelle Thul, ArtMag Blogger, Visual Arts

Having recently graduated in History of Art from Glasgow University, Isabelle intends to
convey both her love for and knowledge of creative culture and the arts to a wider
audience. Having grown up in Munich Isabelle was surrounded by world-class art
institutions from a young age. Coming to Glasgow, Isabelle realised that a city’s galleries,
museums and cultural events are the best gateways into its community. As she begins
studying contemporary art curating at the Glasgow School of Art, Isabelle is interested in
methods of display. Photography art is another interest of hers as she herself keeps one of
her film-cameras on hand at all times. Apart from exploring galleries, snapping photos and
studying, Isabelle also creates online content for the social media profiles of a small Glasgow
café and a bi-annual vegan festival. One thing Isabelle hates the most: standing still!


Rowan Anderson, Performing Arts Editor and Culinary Arts Blogger

Rowan is a self-confessed food obsessive; she spends most of her time thinking about food, loitering around the world food aisles, cooking up a storm or eating out in fine dining establishments across Scotland. Rowan worked in professional kitchens during her formative years, which sparked her love of food and cooking. Committed to enthusing others to enjoy cooking, she shares recipes and journals on her website

After studying the Anthropology of Art for a semester at University, Rowan pursued a career in arts and museums after graduating, working across Glasgow Museums and in Clydebank Museum. Her love of creative arts and food means taking on the role of Culinary Arts and Culture Editor for Artmag is a very happy combination of interests, and perhaps in part explains her enthusiasm for pre-theatre dining.

Joanna Zuchowska, ArtMag Blogger/Theatre

Joanna is a recent GCU graduate in Media and Communications, who is starting her new adventure in Edinburgh very soon. She will be attending Napier University to study Publishing and to explore the city even more thoroughly. Joanna has always had a passion for photography, film, books and travel. Since a young age, she has been involved with the world of arts through her father’s art gallery in Poland, which made her seek creativity in everything she was doing. She loves the atmosphere of museums and art galleries realising that they calm her down and allow her mind to slow down.
Having moved to Scotland at the age of twelve she loves planning new adventures and discovering new places. Her best friend is her camera which she takes everywhere she goes.

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