Subject Matter
Gordon Sparks, 'Octo Muwin', Craft Alliance Atlantic Association

A Celebration of Craft

As Scotland’s makers take their work to the UK’s international showcase of craft, Susan Mansfield visits London to take the temperature at Collect 2024.

Not Alone Collective, Truth to Power

All in the mind

The links between creativity and mental wellbeing are long established, but complex. Some of the participants in this year’s Scottish Mental Health Arts Festival talked to Susan Mansfield about what making art means for them

Markéta Luskačová, Man and girl, St. Patrick Pilgrimage, Ireland (1972)

Back in the frame

Markéta Luskačová, whose extraordinary work is currently on show in Edinburgh, is just one of a number of pioneering women photographers who are at last being recognised for their achievements. Susan Mansfield finds out more.

Maria Fusco and Margaret Salmon, From History of the Present

New directions

Director of Edinburgh Art Festival Kim McAleese spoke to Susan Mansfield about the changes she has made, and how she hopes to make the Festival stand out in a crowded marketplace.

Festival Director Nicola Benedetti launches the 2023 Edinburgh International Festival. Image Mihaela Bodlovic

Changing the tune

Nicola Benedetti’s first programme for the Edinburgh International Festival reveals a determination to make concerts more accessible, but she must be careful not to alienate the faithful.

Wendy Ramshaw, Black and White Earrings for Kissing Heads, Picasso’s Ladies Series, 1998, 18ct yellow gold, onyx, diamonds, acetal stand inlaid with brass

Minding the gap

While women now outnumber men by 2:1 in art schools, opportunities are far from equal in the art world. Susan Mansfield looks at two exhibitions addressing the gender gap.

Art Night takes place during Dundee-based artist Saoirse Amira Anis’ exhibition Symphony for a Fraying Body at Dundee Contemporary Arts.

A one-night wonder?

As Dundee prepares to host the first ever Art Night to take place outside London, we ask if 24 hours in June can pave the way for a new way of experiencing contemporary art.

I Remember - Scotland’s Covid Memorial, Photo: Hannah Laycock

Lest we forget

In a world which would rather forget the Covid-19 pandemic, artists are playing an important part in creating spaces to remember. Susan Mansfield spoke to three of them.

Cheddar Gorgeous in a suit designed by Liquorice Black

Tartan barmy

Both adored and derided, tartan appears everywhere, from kitsch souvenirs to haute couture. As V&A Dundee prepares to showcase it in a large scale exhibition, Susan Mansfield looks at its enduring appeal to artists and designers.

Art AND Craft

Susan Mansfield explores how the boundaries between craft and art are becoming blurred.

Artist and curator Siobhan McLaughlin at the exhibition Alan Davie: Beginning of a Far-Off World 

Heads up!

Who are the names to watch out for in 2023? Susan Mansfield spoke to artists, curators and makers we are likely to hear more about in the coming months.

On the Road Again

After two years of disruption, actors, singers, dancers and musicians are happy to be back on tour – most of the time! Susan Mansfield heard about the highs and lows of life on the road.

Eyes on the Prize

The 2022 Turner Prize exhibition has been unveiled at Tate Liverpool. But is Britain’s most famous art prize losing its shine? Susan Mansfield put the question to Tate director and chair of the Turner jury, Alex Farquharson.

Plasticine portraits of The Beatles and Moses in rushes by Gordon Anderson, Photo: Chris James

The Art of the Extraordinary

As ‘outsider art’ goes on permanent display for the first time in one of Scotland’s top museums, it poses important questions about who faces barriers to the art world today. Susan Mansfield finds out more.

14th century ceremonial Indo-Persian tulwar (sword) to be repatriated to India from Glasgow Museums

Back to Where They Once Belonged?

As Glasgow Museums repatriate a record-breaking number of objects to other countries, Susan Mansfield asks what it means for the future of other museums.

Under the banner of this year’s Edinburgh Art Festival, works from the National Galleries of Scotland collection are featured in A Taste for Impressionism: Modern French Art from Millet to Matisse, including a recently discovered self-portrait by Van Gogh. Photo: Neil Hanna

Is Art on the Fringe?

Susan Mansfield looks at the shifting place of visual art in the galaxy of Edinburgh festivals and asks if it is valued as much as the performing arts.

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