V&A I Dundee

V&A Dundee will open in the second half of 2018, with the date to be announced. The £80.11 million construction project is on schedule and on budget.

Scenic Artists

Scenic artists are masters of a bewildering range of skills, from faux finishes, ageing, texturing and poly sculpting to trompe l’oeil, marbling, ragging and wood graining. Yet while their work is a crucial part of a stage, film or TV production, they are for the most part unsung heroes, happy for their work to remain literally in the background.


Here’s one for conspiracy theorists: Did Vincent van Gogh trade lives with a Scottish doppelganger?

Going, going…

Mark your calendar for these important sale dates AYRSHIRE Thomas R. Callan, Ayr Every Thursday: Interior sales, incl. antiques & contemporary household furnishings BORDERS Border


As reported by Artnet, a study in the journal Personality and Individual Differences, has found that artists, along with actors and musicians, often share key personality traits with individuals who have psychopathic traits. It appears that creative types tend to have higher levels of emotional disinhibition, in the form of psychopathic boldness, as well as being prone to dishonesty and risktaking.

Art as Architecture

In Scotland’s Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design, we bring you a pictorial tribute to the  Iraqi-born, British architect Dame Zaha Hadid, who died earlier this

Sister Art

Until recently, art history has traditionally been written as the story of one heroic male artist after another.

Augmented Reality

A New Dimension in Art

While the digital revolution is changing the world around us, the practice of painting has been at a standstill for quite some time.

Steven Gillies Painting

Photo Shoot

Featured photographer Steven Gillies is an award-winning commercial and art photographer.

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