Art Books

We suggest titles for your very own art library with reviews of the latest releases from the niche to the grand, prestigious coffee table versions, covering all aspects of international art, craft and design.

Escaping to Modernism

Designed by famous architects, many modernist buildings all over the world are open to visit or even for overnight stays.

Insiders of the Art World

Curator and art historian Matthew Israel’s international journey uncovering the working lives in the art world to find out what they do.

The Sacred and Abandoned

Francis Meslet travels Europe in search of places of worship across Europe which have fallen into disuse.

The Art of Africa’s Streets

The first survey of African street art showcases recent work by over 200 artists, detailing the continent’s major street art projects, collectives and festivals.

Textiles of India

An Ancient Asian Textile Journey

A lavishly illustrated book taking the reader on a journey throughout the Indian subcontinent to explore the history and traditions of its textiles.

They’re Out to Trick Us…

A fascinating look at the history of illusionistic art, revealing a wide-ranging of techniques designed to fool the viewer.

The Power of the Flower

An exploration of the ways in which artists and image-makers have employed floral motifs throughout history.

William McTaggart, 'The Storm', oil on canvas

Lachlan’s got the Whole Story Covered at Lyon & Turnbull

Lyon & Turnbull is hosting the launch of Lachlan Goudie’s new book, The Story of Scottish Art. In an online interview with Kirsty Wark, Lachlan will discuss his exploration of the 5,000 years of Scottish creativity covered by the book.

Cover, Open Studio

Lifting the Lid on the Creative Process

A behind-closed-doors look into the everyday work of a number of celebrated contemporary artists, uncovering the mystery around their studios and creative processes.

Cover, 50 Women Sculptors

How Women are Sculpting their Own History

Including many stellar names, a fully-illustrated look at the lives and works of dozens of women sculptors from the 1880s to the present, many of whom have pushed the boundaries of the genre far beyond their male counterparts.