Sam Macinnes
Sam Macinnes, from 'Pet Shop Biyz'.

Behaving Badly at Sam Macinnes’ Rafiki Show

Pet Shop Biyz

9 Dec 2020 – 13 Dec 2020

Booking via website

4042 Edinburgh
40-42 Grindlay Street

Edinburgh’s Rafiki Gallery showcases an exciting selection of emerging artists in series of pop-up events and exhibitions in a variety of independent venues across the city.

It has launched the debut exhibition of Sam Macinnes, whose style evokes boyish immaturity with a maturing creative skill. Having grown up in Glasgow and studied in Edinburgh, Macinnes’ honest and candid art responds to his own authentic emotions, loosely depicting characters in a relateable way that reflects their lived nature, in a rough style mixing spray paint, oil bars and graphite, bright colours and instant mark-making. With nods to the history of art and our material culture, his ‘cartoon show’ tells the stories of badly-behaved characters that the viewer can readily connect with, a series of work that under the surface examines the rarely-addressed complexities of young male behaviour.

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