Arusha Gallery I Jannica Honey: When The Blackbird Sings 

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13A Dundas Street,

Jannica Honey: When The Blackbird Sings at Arusha Gallery is the Swedish-born, Edinburgh-based photographer’s first solo exhibition, featuring a new series of nearly 30 digital giclee prints which focus on the female body and its links with nature. The subjects, shot naked in landscapes in Scotland and Sweden, are family, friends and acquaintances of the artist of all ages, always posing outdoors and at twilight over the course of a whole year and always on every full and new moon.

By basing her shooting schedule on moon cycles – an intrinsic feminine rhythm – Honey channeled the earth’s natural rhythms into her work and explored her own reconnection to womanhood and femininity. Honey’s work is often concerned with the female body and the place of women in society. In 2011 she spent two months photographing Edinburgh strippers, providing a candid and sensitive insight into a world rarely captured. A successful commercial photographer, her work has been published in The Guardian, the Los Angeles Times, Vogue, Dazed & Confused and Aesthetica Magazine. When the Blackbird Sings is named for the bird which signals twilight with its song.


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