Arusha Gallery Edinburgh: Exercise Three

Freya Douglas-Morris - Exercise Three (The Fisherman's Cottage), watercolour and gouache on thick watercolour paper

Viewing online only.

Edinburgh’s Arusha Gallery has continued its Exercise Three initiative, inviting artists to answer questions ranging from superstitions and recipes to film recommendations and favourite dance songs, before being tasked with exercise three – an A5 drawing challenge. Their final drawings are published on their website and available to purchase for £110, and over the past several weeks has grown ever-larger, including work by Elizabeth Stewart, Charlotte Keates, Shelly Tregoning, Danny Leyland, Jack Dunnett, Jacob Littlejohn, John Abell, Kate Walters, Rhiannon Sailsbury, Casper White, Beth Carter, Denise Zygadlo, Plum Cloutman, Helen Flockhart, Sam Drake, William Rees, Freya Douglas-Morris, Siobhan McLaughlin, Zuzana Ullmannová, Lucia Pearla, Lara Orman, Michael Aurel, Kirsty Whiten, Mark Connolly, Tove Barnes, Emelia Kerr Beale and Thomas Adam.

13A Dundas Street
Edinburgh EH3 6QG

Image: Freya Douglas-Morris – Exercise Three (The Fisherman’s Cottage), watercolour and gouache on thick watercolour paper


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