Art Unpacked: 50 Works of Art Uncovered, Explored, Explained

Art Unpacked: 50 Works of Art Uncovered, Explored, Explained

Matthew Wilson

Thames & Hudson

This down-to-earth visual guidebook shows how to ‘read’, understand and get the most out of art. For beginners art history might seem a daunting subject with complex rules and impenetrable technical language. Even for more seasoned art-lovers the question of how to think about art is a perennial riddle. Art Unpacked provides a friendly introduction to the history of visual culture, introducing new types of art and providing a fresh look at familiar objects. The 50 works presented span a wide range, from the earliest known images created by humans some 30,000 years ago to 2017 installation at the US/Mexico border. They are deconstructed with brief explanations, diagrams and close-ups in order to reveal the elements which make up a masterpiece. From the mask of Tutankhamun or Dorothea Lange’s photograph Migrant Mother to Hokusai’s Great Wave or Kara Walker’s Gone, each image is dissected on the page in a no nonsense style with explanatory notes on artists’ inspirations and associated styles and movements.

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