It’s always been about the art

Artmag is passionate about the arts.
Our and we will continue to share news, stories, and features as events unfold. Our role has always been to celebrate and enhance the galleries, artists, performing arts and arts related businesses and inspire our readers to fully engage.

Since lockdown and the extraordinary situation, we all find ourselves in, Artmag pivoted to a digital-only resource as a weekly magazine and just surpassed the first full year as of April 2, 2021. Prior to that, Artmag published as a printed glossy, bi-monthly magazine.
Each issue continues to include news, gallery, museum and event openings, exhibition previews, (mostly online as of the last few months) topical focus features, art & travel articles, (for when we can) and profiles on artist/craftmakers, other industry professionals, commentary and competitions.
We have a loyal and dedicated team which all pulled together to keep the magazine moving forward. Our online blog editor posts almost daily of breaking news and keeps our social platforms up to date. Special Artmag bloggers will once again be out to live openings as they are permitted or online – reporting back their views.

Prior to 2020

Artmag has published as a glossy, bi-monthly magazine, based in Edinburgh, Scotland until March 2020.
We began life in August 2007, when we first appeared as an Edinburgh-based glossy gallery magazine. It was evident to us that what was missing was consistent coverage of the visual art scene in Scotland and one that needed a special focus to engage readers, galleries and museums alike. By 2011, our reach included all of Scotland. Annual festival and art events plus coverage of the performing arts soon followed.
The magazine was freely distributed in our network consisting of 700+ galleries, museums, art fairs and events, art centres, art schools and key retail and hotel sites. A subscription service was also offered.
We want to inspire and excite our readers and ensure they gain more enjoyment, appreciation to view, attend, invest and start or add to their art collections of Scottish/UK artists. The same holds true for the performing arts, again, inspiring our readers to experience those special moments in time.
Our goals remain the same as we steer though these changing times. Championing Scottish art to a global audience while engaging art lovers closer to home.

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