A Shared Paradigm at Whitespace Edinburgh

Catherine Young, 'In the distance', acrylic on panel
Catherine Young, 'In the distance', acrylic on panel


Daily, 10:00 - 17:00

From: 29 Jul 2023

To: 2 Aug 2023

76 East Crosscauseway
Edinburgh & the Lothians

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Edinburgh’s Whitespace is the venue for Paradigms – an exhibition of recent work by four visual artists based in the city – Catherine Young, Hazel Brady, Jayne McIntyre and Louise Todd. Ranging from figurative to abstract, the paintings, drawings and prints reflect the distinct world view of each artist, as well as a shared passion for their individual influences, subjects, and approaches.

To Catherine Young, colour and the application of paint are central to her process of abstraction, with her recent focus, as she puts it, on ‘looking through an opening or space to what can be seen outside in a rural environment’.

Hazel Brady takes inspiration from her environment, in particular the survival of plants, reflected through light, shade, and colour. She adds, ‘My own emotional states also influence my treatment of paint’.

Jayne McIntyre’s subject matter is sourced from observation, photographs, and textiles, by way of sketchbooks as a depository for ideas, with blurred, cropped images, scribbles and snippets of conversations, fabric threads and fragments of memory.

A visual artist and academic, Louise Todd’s  artwork and research are complementary – she observes and imagines people and places through the gaze of tourism, prompting a visual discourse between artist, subject and viewer.

Jayne McIntyre, 'Time and place all mixed up', acrylic on canvas
Jayne McIntyre, ‘Time and place all mixed up’, acrylic on canvas
Louise Todd, 'Memory travels', oil on canvas
Louise Todd, ‘Memory travels’, oil on canvas

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