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Art Tutor – Anna Martin


Anna Martin is an art tutor for groups on paintings holidays in Andalucia, southern Spain.

“Being an art tutor on a painting holiday means that you have a variety of locations to inspire people, be it a rugged beach, a Moorish castle or a whitewashed village. I start with a demonstration to help them respond to what they see through all their senses, so that their paintings are created with a vibrancy, immediacy and looseness. I help them to capture the moment without getting bogged down in unnecessary details and technicalities.”

“I get them to really experience the place. I get them to smell the aromas around them, feel the push and pull of the waves if they’re sitting on a beach or taste some food if they’re in a cafe. That furthers your experience of where you are and it’s going to enhance your approach to painting. The experience is more three-dimensional, and the output is a wonderful piece of art which speaks volumes about the place they’ve been.”

“I map out some techniques around composition, colour and brushstrokes and the approach to the subject matter at hand to give people some guidelines within which to interpret that location with their own individual signature. Some people will draw more on colour, some on capturing a mood through mark-making, some through simplification and abstraction.”

“I see my work as an art tutor to get people to a place of feeling good about themselves and being relaxed in their bodies. It’s about being in an inspired state. You can create from a place of self-confidence, because you get rid of any blocks to being a creative person. I incorporate exercises, such as breathing and stretching and loosening up your physique, to enable people to release their creative potential.”

“I keep a toolkit of techniques to use on people, because I can see when they are running a pattern of limiting themselves – ‘I was told I was rubbish at school’ – and I have to say to people, ‘You need to think beyond that’. I’m amazed at how many people come with what I call ‘learned helplessness’. They come with resistance fuelled by this belief – rather than just having the experience.”

“It’s about mindfulness in painting. If you’re completely here and now in your approach to what you’re doing, you cannot compare with a future painting or a past mistake. That’s where the best work comes from, going into a flow state with your painting.” 

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