Gallery Owner – Bob Corsie

Bob Breeze


Bob Corsie runs Breeze Art Gallery, which has branches in Peebles, Edinburgh, North Berwick, Loch Lomond and Glasgow.

“The distinction between commercial galleries and other galleries is that we are an ‘art for all’ business. We’re very keen to promote art on a broad scale to a wide range of the public. So no matter what their budget is, we like to think that we can help them appreciate and own art, whether that’s a small £50 print or a £50,000 piece of investment art.”

“We make our galleries very accessible. A lot of people don’t go into galleries because they feel they might not have the budget or the knowledge. We like to think that we reach everybody. Our view is that from little acorns big trees do grow. We see our role as bringing art to the people who in the past have not seen it.”

“We saw a change in the market after the recession. Up to then the limited edition market was quite buoyant and originals were bought less. We’re now selling far more original work than ever before. It’s been a massive swing that has come about because there are more affordable originals available – very good quality at great prices. People have a broader range of choice. The commercial art market has had to wake up and see the change that was needed, and the British buying public have benefitted from that. We’re delighted to have played a part in that change.”

“Finding new art always excites me. We get approached every month by 30 to 40 up and coming artists who are looking to get their artwork noticed. We obviously can’t engage everybody, but we always take their portfolios to our monthly review meeting, which is a massive part of our business. It’s all taken seriously. Whether or not we can work with somebody is not always based on the quality of the work itself. It can quite often be based on whether we have space in that genre in our businesses to embrace the work.”

“When we sign an artist, it means we have exclusive rights to their work in Scotland and all the UK art fairs. It enables us to invest money into promoting them, raise awareness of their work and get them well placed in the UK art market. It gives them an outstanding advantage in the ever-changing art scene.”

“There are so many talented artists out there. If they want to earn their living from painting full-time, they have to look at the genre they enjoy painting and create content that isn’t already being produced, something that’s going to stand out from the crowd.”

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