March 11, 2022

In the Beginning There Was Art

This fully-illustrated, panoramic world history of art from ancient civilisation to the present day explores the remarkable endurance of humankind’s creative impulse.

London’s Twentieth-Century Girls

Determined women artists such as Helen Sutherland, Margaret Gardiner and Myfanwy Piper helped to change the course of British art in the middle of the last century.

The Feather-light Touch

This remarkable survey of the avian kingdom celebrates the beauty of the feathered creatures throughout art, history, ornithology and culture.

Revisiting Rosetti’s Women

This beautiful gift book features traces the artist’s engagement with mythology, history, literature, biblical subjects and modern life in his portraits of women.

A Window onto a Victorian Speciality

A beautifully-illustrated guide to the world of Victorian stained glass, its manufacturers and designers, showing how artists and craftsmakers relearned a lost medieval art.

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